Career & Professional Development

Empowers students and alumni by providing resources that increase professional growth and career-readiness

Social Projects

Include those of agricultural, health, education and social welfare.

STEM Education Promotion

Contribute towards the equalization of access to quality education in Tanzania
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Our History, Vision and Mission

Institution of Engineers Tanzania –Women Chapter Is the non-Profit Organization established under IET to foster the development of women in engineering fields. Our diverse membership includes Women engineers in all sectors, Women Technicians and University student pursuing Engineering Degree.

Our Vision is to ensure more women practices engineering as male counterpart do, equal sharing of available opportunities in the field as well as closing the gender gap in Engineering.

Our Mission is to ensure more women practice engineering, easy responsive services to Women and young girls committed by growing through creating future hope for women, young girls and their communities by helping them progress their professional, build their skills, empower them and provide resources to enhance interest in STEM subjects.


What We Do Is Never As Important As How We Do It

The Women Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IETwc) established by IET in order to further the aims and objectives of the institution for details.This Chapter aims at supporting and promoting the engineering profession, pursue professional excellence and provide a responsive service for women Engineers in Tanzania. The specific objectives and purposes of the Chapter are to promote the general advancement of the Science and Practice in Engineering and its applications, and to facilitate exchange of information and ideas on those subjects amongst the members of the chapter

STEM Education Promotion 90%
Career & Professional Development 80%
Social Projects 50%
Women Empowerment 40%
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